среда, 21 декабря 2016 г.

With the birth of the child care and added time to clean a little. In order to make life easier for me, my husband bought a compact, economical, powerful vacuum cleaner Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner is really small, because before that we had a huge Korean "dinosaur".

The cost of a vacuum cleaner - 3500 rubles, almost nothing. It is cleaner in Vietnam.

I am glad that there is no bag to collect trash and dust. It replaces a plastic container that you can easily pull out, throw the collected garbage and wash it. Cord around 4 meters (cord rewind function is provided) long enough.

Maximum power: 1500W. But this power can fall due to filter clogging, and after each use of the vacuum cleaner, I wash the filters. A year later, one of the filters (at the rear of the cleaner) exfoliate. I bought a new one. But still steel filters to skip a certain amount of dust is deposited on the inner, outer parts of the vacuum cleaner. Hom vremni comes time to wipe the vacuum cleaner.

My vacuum cleaner helps to clean the house of 60 sq.m.

The only negative - the absence of other attachments. Sometimes you need to remove debris, cobwebs in hard to reach places, and this requires a flat and thin nozzle.

Still I recommend this vacuum cleaner. He serves me for about 4 years, has changed only one filter. During this time he let me down.


According to my calculations, the container should be enough for 120 sq.m.

Suction power is enough for a carpet with a short nap. On the carpet with a long nap - have to suffer.

As the filling container, power is not lost.

I recommend this vacuum cleaner for small apartments, with carpets of short and medium pile.

This vacuum cleaner requires a thorough cleaning after each cleaning. The filter should be washed for a long time under a stream of tap water. Otherwise, power drops immediately.

I am with my old vacuum cleaner bag was used to shake once a month. And this lack of power exactly one cleaning my little Khrushchev. If you do not wash the filter, he only pretends that sucks ..

More downside: if the film gets even a small example of a pack of cigarettes, it is necessary to open and pull it, or again, the power falls.

And the third school: for me hard cap is removed when you just need a pipe somewhere to climb.

But in general, for its small price to perform its duties. I have it for almost a year and works like new. Pylesoshu once a week.

Life hacking: kapnet on a piece of fleece your favorite essential oil. Aspirated into the vacuum cleaner cotton wool in the early harvest. At the end of pylesosheniya apartment will gently and subtly smelling fresh.